Mirik Homestay : Place of Comfort and Serenity

Mirik Homestay is famous due to the mild temperature of the region, unlike Darjeeling. It is never cold to an extreme level. The highest point is at 5,800ft. There is a monastery which is also a sightseeing place. The temperature and climate is more gentle and comfortable. The scenic views are the central attraction. There is a lovely lake which is about 1.25km surrounded by Pine trees on it western bank. Mirik is basically a calm and peaceful hill station with stunning vantage points from where you can get lovely sights of Kanchenjunga snow peaks. There are many rolling tea estates on mountain slopes which also serve as part of the sightseeing attraction.

Mirik began to start its tourist developmental scheme when it acquired 335 acres of land area from the neighboring Thurbo tea estate. The developmental board started developing it as a tourist place in 1974 when Sri Siddhartha Shankar Ray was the Chief Minister of West Bengal. The open field on the eastern bank of the lake was used as a polo field by the British during the colonial days.

Why is it worth visiting Mirik Homestay ?

There are many sightseeing and tourist places other than the lake in Mirk. The view points are spectacular and it is quite lovely to watch the sunrise and sunset. The several tea gardens, monasteries & temples, orange orchards, flower gardens add to beauty of region. You can also take part in activities at the lake area including boating, horse riding as well as fish feeding.

The main shopping area is the Mirik Market with numerous stores selling clothes, shoes, bags, curios, gifts & souvenirs. There are also many nice stores in Krishnanagar. They sell mainly local pottery items, curios, and woolens and packaged Darjeeling tea.

Nearby places to visit from Mirik Homestay : 

Sumendu Lake : The Lake of the Romantics

It is the most beautiful sightseeing place in Mirik, The Sumendu Lake is absolutely spectacular and breathtaking. There is a foot bridge running over the lake for people who don't wish to walk around it. You can take boating rides as well as pony rides on the lakeside. The lake is at a nearby distance to every place in the town. The lake is visited by a lot of tourists especially during the month of April and May as you will be able to witness the flowers bloom. The place is mostly visited by honeymoon couples.

Bunkulung : The Agricultural village

The place is like a hidden gem waiting to be explored.  Bunkulung is the agricultural hub of Mirik. The place is not at a walkable distance hence you will need to hire a cab. You will be able to see the authentic hillside village that is located on the edge of the valley, with hills looming in every direction. There are a lot of farm lands, fisheries and empty spans of land that are naturally beautiful. The agricultural products that are produced here are 100percent organic and healthy. The use of chemicals pesticides and fertilizers are prohibited here. The place is simply a nature lover’s paradise.

Bokar Monastery : Blissful Place of workship

The monastery is the home to the venerable Kyabje Bokar Rinpoche. The monastery is one of the few in India that have retained its traditional beliefs and environment from the very beginning.Bokar monastery is an embodiment of Chinese architecture and has beautiful lawns for you to sit and observe the place. It is just a few minutes away from Mirik Lake.

Tiger Hill : The Sunrise Viewpoint

The place is absolutely famous for its breathtaking views of the sunrise. You will have to get up early if you want to see the mesmerizing sunrise. If you are lucky enough and if the skies are 100 percent clear you will also be able to witness meteor shower. The place is absolutely wonderful and amazing as its serene location and surrounding is bound to make your visit splendid and memorable.

How to reach Mirik Homestay ?

Via Roadway:

You have to reach Siliguri and from there you have to take the NH10 highway. When you reach Khaprail More you need to turn right and take the Kurseong Road pass by the Smriti Guest house and then turn left to Dilmaya Road. Average distance from Siliguri to Mirik : 44km

Via Railway:

Closest railway station is NJP and Siliguri Railway Station and from there you can take a cab and head towards Mirik. Average distance from NJP : 58kms (approx).

Via Airway:

Closest airport is Bagdogra. From Bagdogra you can take a cab that will take you to Mirik. Average Distance from airport : 44.5km (approx).

Best time to visit Mirik Homestay

The best time to visit Mirik Homestay would be during the month starting from mid-September to mid November. During this month you will be blessed with clear skies and your visit to Darjeeling will be worth every penny. Mirik is one of the most beautiful places in Darjeeling and you should definitely make plan to visit here. You can also visit the place during the month of April to Mid May as the flowers bloom during this time and you will experience a different type of beauty at this time. Most of the tourists visit Darjeeling during this time.

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