Latpanchar Homestay:  The Bird Watcher’s Heaven

Latpanchar Homestay is situated at an altitude of about 4,200 ft, and at a distance of 13 km from Kalijhora, Latpanchar actually forms the highest part of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. Since Latpanchar is a part of the sanctuary, there is an awesome chance that travelers will encounter some wildlife here like wild boars, barking deer, deer, and if you are lucky enough you will get to see leopards and elephants while exploring the jungles around.

Because for some strange reason. Latpanchar was unheard as a travel or vacation spot due to lack of exposure in tourism development. But now the state tourism development authority has decided to develop the place as a tourist destination because of beautiful mountain village which offers eye-catching views including that of Kanchenjunga; this little place also has a wide range of bird and animal life as well as many different types of amazing plantations.

Even during peak tourist season, one can barely find any tourists here, so if you are looking for nature escape this small hamlet will give you all the peace and serenity along with bounty full of nature. One should take a guide from the village you should take a guide from the village. You can take a jeep or choose to walk (most do so), Once you have reached in the sanctuary, it will take about two hours of walk to explore.

Reasons to choose Latpanchar Homestay as your next travel destination

As soon as you visit Latpanchar you will feel what gives you real inner peace which you cannot in any other place. In this small hamlet, you are bound to feel the smell of mud, winding roads of dense jungle, and the perfect view of the snow-covered mountain and the plethora of birds. Till today, Latpanchar is not as famous as a travel destination. So visit this place is going to Effortless and also an affordable one. Roam around through the jungle, taste the local cuisines, and try to find your true self in the lap of mountains.

Come and have a great time in Latpanchar Homestay and get to know the folks of this area. Unlike the people of big cities, they are always welcoming, more energetic, enthusiastic in nature and full of joy. And when you come back from this place you will be more inspired about you and your lifestyle. Here you will find in Latpanchar there are over 240 species birds, ones include yuhina, woodpeckers, scaly thrush, black bulbuls, spotted eagles, ashy backed shrike, magpie, minivets, minla, drongo, King Fishers, Robins and if you are lucky, you will get to see the Himalayan Pied hornbills.

Not only the birds there are 36 types of animals, most common animals include Himalayan black bear, mountain goats, monkeys, leopards, deer (including barking deer), wild boars, and even elephants which often drift to this side.

Nearby places you can visit in Latpanchar Homestay

Cinchona Plantations:

One can experience the pleasure while walking towards and through the Cinchona plantations. Take a morning stroll in the winding road passes through jungles of pine, Sal, teak and dense Cinchona.

Ahal Dara View Point:

Take a car, go up to the base of ahal dara the View Point to watch the stunning sunrise. Walk up the boulder path to the top (about 500 meters) and you can get the magnificent view of Kanchenjunga peaks from this elevation. Look below from the top and you will see the lower reaches of the forests on mountain slopes.

Namthing Lake :

The main road continues from the base of Ahaldara Viewpoint and this will lead you through Cinchona and pine trees to a lake called Namthing Lake, this place is widely known for the rare Himalayan Salamander, a small lizard-like creature. One side of the lake is brimmed with different types of birds, and another side is surrounded by dense pine trees.

Sansari Dara :

This place is about 1.5 km from the village, you can walk up and from this place, you get far-reaching views of snow-capped peaks of Kanchenjunga, other mountains and the valleys around.

Sitong Orange Orchard :

Although, Sitong itself extends to areas like Sitong1 and Sitong2 and sitong 3 and Latpanchar comes under Sitong-3 Mahakuma. Here you will find some of the most beautiful orange orchards, but Road to Sitong 1 are extremely bad and travelers need a jeep to access.

Different ways to reach Latpanchar Homestay :

Via Roadway:

Latpanchar is about 44kms from NJP and takes about 1.5 hours to reach savoke which is 22 km away you have to take NH 31. From Sevoke, you have to reach Kalijhora which is 5 km away, after next 13 km you will reach this destination.

Via Railway:

The nearest railhead of Latpanchar is the njp station in New Jalpaiguri. Take a taxi or book a cab (fare around 1800/- from NJP)

Via Airway:

The nearest airport id Bagdogra airport, in Bagdogra, to reach Latpanchar from the airport it will take 1 h 47 min (49.2 km) via NH10.

Best time to visit Latpanchar Homestay

October to May is the best time to visit Latpanchar. In this time Latpanchar nearly looks like a paradise with its scent, nature and scenic view. However, winter comes in Latpanchar in (December to February). It can be quite freezing out here but people who love to travel in winter they can give it a shot. Monsoon comes here in between (June to September). This time should be avoided because of the bad conditions of roads and also the sanctuary remains closed; between (June 15 to September 15) because it is the animal breeding session.

Here you cannot find any government operated safaris or guided tours available at this end of the sanctuary (i.e. from Latpanchar). However, you can take while the birding guides are available for Rs. 600/- (indicative cost only), and Private guides are the cost for Rs. 400/- per trip. There is no separate entry fee to enter the wildlife sanctuary.

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