Bunkulung Homestay : Paradise for Nature Lovers and Travelers


If you have the wanderlust to visit off-beat destinations around the country, then visit bunkulung for its beauty and uniqueness. Nestled in the lap of nature, just 15 kms from Mirik lies a picturesque Himalayan hamlet surrounded by rivers and hills. You need nothing more to pacify your tired soul rather than the miles of paddy fields and green millet spread over the slopes of the mountains, the Murmah Khola and Balasun River crisscrossing the village, scores of ponds and water tanks for trout farming. You enjoy a dip in the rivers and sit, take long walks in the nearby tea gardens, and watch the clouds and sun playing hide and seek over the verdant green mountains all around this village.

In North Bengal, Bunkulung Homestay is one of the best examples of ecotourism. The travelers enjoys all the locally grown produces, including varieties of fruits and vegetables boasts of high quality. There are 19 ponds, which are built for the breeding of trout fish and also enhance the beauty of the location; it is a sericulture project, maintained by the Government of West Bengal. Moreover, you cannot find anyone using of any toxic materials or chemical fertilizers, it is restricted in this region.

The Limbus and the Gorkha community primarly dominates this exotic tribal village of Bunkulung and the beautiful name Bunkulung represents a nice blend of Lepcha and Limbu language. Visit this wonderful small village for few days, meet with folks and revive your mind and soul from your monotonus routine and hectic schelude.

Why should you visit this off-beat destination in Bunkulung ?

  • • Bungkulung is surrounded by the concrete jungles so it is going to very satisfying and nourishing to the tired eyes that are so used to see the pollution, traffic and crowded places of any town.
  • • In this small village you can enjoy the Silence. It is like your eyes, ears and most importantly your mind will also get healed. Rather than connecting to laptops and desktops, tourists can simply stay in this place for a couple of days to connect with nature instead.
  • • Bunkulung is an offbeat destination because of this reason you can easily spend your whole weekend at ease. Here everything is green, from the luscious green tea garden the paddy and millet fields, and the jungles.
  • • At Bunkulung you can roam around the village and it is recommended to visit the nearest tea processing factory. Here you can be a witness of how the raw tea leaves are processed through the use of latest technology.
  • • While you stay Bunkulung Fishing can also a time pass for you, you can also enjoy the exotic village on a horse back and see the village around.
  • • At Bungkulung, there are the cultural programs and local tribal dance are worth enjoying, you can also enjoy the camp fire and barbeque in the evening with the villagers under the open sky.
  • • During your stay at this exquisite location you will never have a single dull moment. If you nurture an adventurous bent of mind, bunkulung will be a worthy trip to enjoy camping and picnics on the banks of River Balasun.

Nearby places to visit in Bunkulung Homestay : 

The Rivulet :

This Tribal Hamlt, Bunkulung is criss-crossed by two rivers, one is the Balasun and second is the small Murmah Khola. Here you can enjoy fishing, the chilled water or you can also opt for boating.

The Murmah Tea Gardens :

There are also a tea garden; called The Murmah tea gardens, you can simply walk down the village roads to explore the tea gardens. Walking through the tea gardens will be an enjoyable experience for you. You can also see the few off-roads going to the nearby villages.

The Balasun River

After The rivulet and The Murmah tea gardens, you can go for Balasun river-side. It will take about 40 minutes to walk our way to the Balasun River. As you will start your walk through the metalled road, you will get to see an old cantilever bridge and The Murmah Khola is flowing below this bridge.

The Bokar Monastery and the Orange Orchids

Mirik just 15 kms away of this village, you can visit this place and enjoy a boat ride in the famous Mirik Lake; the nearest local market is the Soureni Bazar. In mirik there is a beautifull The Bokar Monastery, visit this place and admire the ancient arts. You can also visit the orange orchards of Rangbang, you can cover both places in a single day.

How to reach Bunkulung Homestay ?

Via Roadway:

From Siliguri Bunkulung is 48 km, in the Siliguri-Mirik highway. To reach Bungkulung Tourists can hire a vehicle from New Jalpaiguri It takes around 2 hours to reach Bungkulung. You can also hire cars straight to Mirik and then change a car to reach Bunkulung.

Via Railway:

New Jalpaiguri Railway Station or N.J.P is the nearest station; it is about 48 km and take around 2 h to reach Bunkulung.

Via Airway:

The nearest airport is the Bagdogra airport. Book a taxi to Bagdogra to mirik, it will take around 1 h 30 minutes to reach then take another taxi from Mirik to Bunkulung.

Best time to visit Bunkulung Homestay

Visit Bunkulung in winter to enjoy this place at its best. Feel the chilly morning, the cold wind while sipping the local produced tea.

Summer :

In this season, everything is so lush green, visit all the nearby places, do fishing, campfire or take a walk through the woods.

Monsoon :

Monsoon is also enjoyable in this area, the whole of Bungkulung is shrouded in green and in this time this place looks a lot greener and better. But it is recommended to avoid the rainy season for the chances of landslides.

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