Homestay in Lingsey :  An ideal eco-village tourist destination

Homestay in Lingsey is one of most remote villages of Kalimpong. Tourist can enjoy the beauty of nature here. The village is blessed with abundant natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage. There are majestic mountains as well as lush green forest intermingled with hospitable people providing the most suitable landscape. Village tourism in Lingsey provides village tourism which is quite a unique experience in the Hills. Tourists can get to know the various ethnic tribes and clans of this region.

The village contains three main important tribes The Lepcha's the first known settlers were, the Bhutia's holds their ancestry from Tibet and the Gorkhali the largest ethnic community. These tribes live in harmony and also provide vibrant cultural presence and warm cordiality. The ethnic tribes have their own distinct language, culture, customs and architecture which are a unique experience for the tourists. The breathtaking Mountain View adds on to the beauty of the landscape. You can take short walks around the village and witness the cardamom and paddy fields, local shrines, lakes, waterfalls, nearby forest and herbal gardens.

Why should you visit Lingsey Homestay ?

It is one of the most beautiful offbeat destinations in Kalimpong. There are so many activities you can perform here in this quiet and charming village. Lingsey Homestay is a beautiful eco village tourism destination in Kalimpong, where you can enjoy the beauty of true nature at its fullest along with a unique experience of Himalaya.

  • Homestay in Lingsey offers majestic view of might Kanchenjunga as well as different species of butter.
  • • Another attraction of Lingsey is that there are a number of trekking routes that starts from Lingsey.
  • • The ethnic communities have distinct language, culture, customs and architecture which becomes an ideal experience for the visitors to sample.
  • • Tourists can experience various ethnic tribes that live in the area and get to know about their customs and traditions.
  • • Lingsey propogates village tourism that is quite a new and unique experience for tourists who visit here.

Places to visit near Homestay in Lingsey :

Hareswar Shivalaya Mandir & Sanskrit Vidhyalaya :

The temple is the second largest in the whole of Darjeeling district. The temple is well known and famous in Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh and many hindu festivals are held at the temple hall. Some of the important ones are the Sawan Bol Bum, Shivaratri, Durga Puja, and Bala Chaturdasi. Many workshippers visit this place from all over Kalimpong as well as Darjeeling.

Lepcha Monastery :

The Pellembo Lepcha Monastery is the oldest monastery in Darjeeling. It was built in the 19th century. If you want to know about the culture, traditions and life style of the Lepcha’s then you should definitely visit this place.

Sericulture Centre, Kalimpong :

The Branch comes under Sericulture Research Institute in Kalimpong. It is basically a place for breeding the silkworms. The centre helps the farmers by providing them information and expertise skill training required for breeding silkworms and cultivating mulberry tree. This is one of the best places for researchers.

Mulkharka Lake :

The lake is situated at the village called Mulkharka. It is said that the shadow of Mt. Kanchenjunga reflects in the pure water of the lake. The lake is a source of drinking water for the whole of Lingsey village. It is popularly known as Manokamana or the wishing lake. It is one of the best offbeat sightseeing places near Lingsey village.

Neora valley National Park :

It is the last remaining beautiful ecosystems of the Eastern Himalaya. The national park with its amazing bio-diversity is the home to many rare and endangered, plants, animals and birds. The place is a paradise for all the adventure junkies. Tourists can trek in the area and witness the beauty of the national park.

The park is also the home to the endangered animal Red Panda. The Royal Bengal Tiger was recently discovered in Neora Valley. This discovery   has prompted the authority to include the park in the list of sensitive wildlife zones in the country. The park holds 19 majestic big cats according to the 2002 census. The other important mammals include the Himalayan Black Bear, Clouded Leopard Common Leopard, Gorals, Deer and Indian Gaur.

Different ways to reach Homestay in Lingsey :

Via Roadway:

Nearest railway station is NJP. You will have to book a cab that will take you till Kalimpong and from there you will have to hire a different cab that will take you to Lingsey. Distance from NJP to Lingsey is 124kms (approx).

Via Railway:

The closest airport is Bagdogra. From Bagdogra you can hire a cab that will take you directly to Lingsey. The distance from Bagdogra to Lingsey is 127kms (approx).

Via Airway:

The closest railway station is NJP. From there you can hire a cab that will take you to Kalimpong as there are no direct cabs available for lingsey. From Kalimpong you can hire a cab from the taxi station that will take you to Lingsey. The distance from NJP to lingsey is 124kms (approx).

Best time to visit Homestay in Lingsey

The ideal time to visit Lingsey homestay would during the months of October till mid November as the skies are clear and the weather is also quite sunny. You will be able to witness beautiful sunsets. The months of March and April are also quite favorable as flowers bloom during this time of the month. Most of the Tourist visit Lingsey during this time of the month.

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